SENDLY Features

Drag and Drop Email Template Builder

Quickly and easily design beautiful email templates. Our easy to use Drag and Drop email template builder lets you drag blocks of content right into your template. No knowledge of coding required.

Want to add photos? No problem. Want to add a nice looking “Call To Action” it’s real easy. 

With over 100 blocks to choose from there is practically no limit to what you can build. Some of the block you have include: logos, title, paragraph, features, buttons, call outs, pricing,  lists, quotes and much more.

We have several basic email template for you to choose from. We are working to add many more within the next few months.

Attention Grabbing Subject Lines

Want to drastically improve your emails open rate? Emojis can be added to the subject line of any email your create.

Strategically using emojis in your subject line can increase open rate, but don’t go overboard because it can make your emails look like spam.

You can choose from over 300 Emojis from our extensive drop-down library.

Detailed Performance Reports

SENDLY’s Detailed Performance Reports will show the performance of your campaign in great detail. You can easily Open Rate, Click Rate, Bounce Rate, Unsubscribes and Complaints.

An additional component of the Detailed Performance Report is where geographically the email were opened. 

The information contained in this report will allow you to fine-tune your campaigns for maximum effectiveness and engagement.

Auto-Responders and Drip Campaigns

Want to setup a series of email that introduce you to your prospects? SENDLY lets you do just that with our Auto-Responder and Drip Campaign feature. 

Set-up a series of emails that automatically go out when a prospects subscribes to your list. It’s a great way to introduce yourself or your company to prospects.

You can set-up as many Auto-Responders and Drip Campaigns as you want with our paid plans.

This feature is not available in our Forever Free Plan.

List Segmentation

One of the most powerful SENDLY feature is list segmentation

This allows you to segment or separate your email list into buckets. For example your email list can be segmented into Prospects, Buyers, Sellers, Existing Clients etc.

So instead of sending one general campaign to all your subscribers you can send very targeted messages to each segment.

List segmentation has many advantages for a real estate agent and is one the features we recommend you learn well.

This feature is not available in our Forever Free Plan.